Equine Dentistry Program

Become a trained and certified equine dental technician with the accelerated courses offered by Midwest Equine Dental Academy in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. We provide an equine dentistry program that meets a variety of equine dentistry needs. Upon completion of our level courses, you will receive a diploma and certificate of attendance and will be qualified to perform your level of equine dentistry in the field. 

Level One


Our dental academy's level one equine dentistry curriculum includes the following:


A thorough four-week introduction to the anatomy of the equine head, technical terminology, recognition of numeric tooth identification systems,  problematic teeth and teeth patterns, non surgical extractions and many other equine dental issues. 

You will learn about the various manual tools available, their application and how to use each device for maximum efficiency. 

You will also be taught professional ethics and how to conduct yourself in the field. And because we want you to become successful in your new role, we teach you the latest marketing skills and how to promote yourself once you complete your course.

Not only will you receive excellent theory classes, you will receive weeks of hands on training with live horses while you study under the supervision of our knowledgeable instructors.

After completion of our manual equine dentistry course, you will have the skill set to operate as an EQDT - Equine Dental Technician.


We offer a unique and highly specialized training program. While overall medical care is the responsibility of the equine veterinarian, often these professionals have little time or energy available for dentistry. Yet most veterinarians and horse professionals recognize that many health-related problems can be alleviated with proper dental care. 

Our highly qualified instructors will teach you the required skill to aide and improve the dental health of horses.


We provide advanced technique and methodology and work hard to ensure that you are up to date on the latest equine dentistry systems. You will learn professional equine related terminology and move on to have a completely hands-on experience with live horses.

Horse dentistry is our specialty. Whether you want to become an equine dental technician, an equine veterinarian, add to your already successful farrier or training business, or have a career in the equine industry that you have always dreamed of.  We have the program for you! 

Level Two 


After becoming proficient in the field using manual tools, you will have the option to continue on to Level 2 for motorized equine dental equipment.


You will learn about different motorized tools and accessories and the way in which the equipment is safely and skillfully used in the field.


You will also learn the benefits and differences between both manual and motorized dentistry, all while learning to use different equipment, hands on with live horses.  Our knowledgeable instructors will teach you both the benefits and the dangers when using this high powered equipment and ensure that you are fully equipped to use your motorized tools proficiently in the field.

* Please note that Level Two does not have to be completed to receive your EqDT diploma. Level 2 teaches the use of power equipment . Level 1 and Level 2 cannot be completed in the same year.

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